Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

If nothing here appeals to your interests and abilities, just complete and submit and this volunteer interest survey and we will see if we can find something that fits for you.

If you would like to be considered for a volunteer position please fill out the attached¬†Volunteer Application Form¬†and return it to The Men’s Centre at 418 D (it’s around the back) Fitzwilliam Street during regular office hours Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday ten until noon, and from 1pm until 3 pm. You can email the forms to volunteer@themenscentre.ca

The volunteers at The Men's Centre are just as dedicated to providing resources for men, fathers, children and their families as the employees are.

Our aim is to promote equality, peace and tranquility in an often uncertain world.

Our Much Appreciated Volunteers



RussRuss Leger – Volunteer

Russ has been providing his time to the centre for over 10 years. He runs the front desk every Wednesday afternoon. Russ was a client of the centre and then a volunteer. When he’s not working at his other job, he’ll be working the garden in his yard.





Will Singh – Front Desk Volunteer

Will has been volunteering at the front desk since 2017. He enjoys interacting with the clients and is enthusiastic about the mission of the Centre.






Dave Jacobsen – Front Desk Volunteer
Dave Jacobsen has been supporting the Centre as a front desk volunteer and is a valuable resource to the Centre.


Chaitanya Gupta – Volunteer
Chaitanya is completing his MBA at Vancouver Island University this autumn. He holds down a part time job and is volunteering at the Centre on Tuesdays.