The people at The Men's Centre are dedicated to providing resources for the unique issues that face men, fathers, as well as their children and families in the 21st century.

Our aim is to promote equality, peace and tranquility in an often uncertain world.

Our Invaluable Team




Theo J. Boere 
Community Education Coordinator

Theo J. Boere is one of the founding fathers of The Men’s Centre. Theo’s current role is one of maintaining public awareness and communicating about issues that men face in our society today. Theo is an experienced project manager, financial manager, business owner, and personal facilitator. Theo’s passion for creating resources for fathers and men; and specifically programs that serve to empower people is why he continues to remain involved with The Men’s Centre.



JonathonV1Jonathon van der Goes, M.A.

Jonathon van der Goes is our Counselling Programs Coordinator and a long-term volunteer and has worked directly with men and women dealing with various issues ranging from divorce/separation, parental alienation, and domestic violence. Jonathon also provides mediation services and administers our DNA Testing Program.

Areas of focus: Addiction, Anxiety and Depression, Domestic Violence, Fathering Support, FMEP, MCFD, Trauma, Parental Alienation, Fathering Support, Supervised Access.




jerry sauderJerry Sauder

Jerry came to the centre with an extensive background in the IT industry. In his present role he oversees the technical development of our websites, aka – webmaster.






Cresswell Walker
Life Coach

Life is meant to be an expression of our greatest calling. I help men align with their gifts, their passions and their purpose. And then we work to create a strategy to take them where they are meant to be.  In this way, success finds them, and they create meaning for themselves and those they care about.

Cresswell is a Master Coach dedicated to helping his clients. For the past 16 years, he has coached and consulted in SE Asia, China and North America. Cresswell’s work as a coach draws on his own unusually diverse background as an award winning Professional Planner, business owner, international inspirational speaker, pilot, sailor and author. Cresswell has just returned to Vancouver after a ten-year adventure working and sailing around the world.



William Singh
Client Support – Practicum 

William Singh aims to use his life experiences to help give a guiding hand in the community.  He is the product of divorced parents, he has seen addiction in the home, and has witnessed family violence.  All while being a troubled youth coming up in the world he has had his own issues dealing with drugs and being on the wrong side of the law; these types of hardships have been channeled into a constructive drive in helping others understand what they may be going through at home or in life, and providing tools and counselling to move in a positive direction.  Now married and a father of 2, he has seen the ups and downs of family life, from custody and parent alienation, to actual family-life satisfaction. He puts effort in everyday to maintain a healthy environment in the home for his family. Working towards his Master’s in counselling with a background in psychology, William is here, at the Men’s Centre, dedicating his career to helping others understand what they may be going through is discouraging and painful, at the moment,  there is a way to a better life.

Areas of Focus: Addiction, Family Support, Emotional Support, Relationship Management Support, Domestic Violence, Trauma, Divorce and Separation, Parental Alienation.