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The 12th annual Father’s Day In The Park “was the most successful one,” said Theo Boere, The Men’s Centre (TMC) Executive Director. The Men’s Centre provided food, drink, and entertainment for the Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Mental Health Association(CMHA), Ride Don’t Hide event as well as to attendees of The Men’s Centre’s Father’s Day In The Park Event.

We had some very good nominations for the Excellence In Fathering Award, and this year there were two awards handed out. One went to an entry from Surrey B.C. and the second winner went to a local entry. Thanks for the good heartfelt entries.

There were three extra special organizations in town which were awarded The Men’s Centre’s Father Friendly award for the work they do in supporting TMC and fathers. The recipients of the Father Friendly award recipients are, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Value Village and Loaves and Fishes. Without the support they provide TMC would not be able to offer the clothing and drop in programs; the beneficiaries of which range from TMC clients, to the Nanaimo Works program administered by CMHA. A big thank you to those organizations.

A Telus representative was at the event to present TMC with a cheque for $1,500 which will be used to help support TMC’s court diversion program, so a thank you to Telus for that.

Telus Presentation

London Drugs, provided a Breadman bread maker and TMC gave it away to a lucky winner from Nanaimo. A big thank you to London Drugs. The winners for the Excellence In Fathering Award not only receive a certificate but thanks to Port Place Theater, and Cabela’s Sports TMC was able to offer two free tickets to see any Spotlight performance in the 2015/16 calendar year, and a fishing rod, bag and a $25 gift certificate, from Cabela’s – thanks to them for their support.


Janice from Nanaimo picks up her Breadman which was kindly donated by the Port Place, London Drugs store.
Thanks to London Drugs for their continued support of the annual Father’s Day in The Park event.


The Men’s Centre would also like to thank all of the other sponsors for their kind donations, Starbucks for the coffee, Thrifties for the wieners and Costco for the buns. Thanks to Steve Marshall for “cutting the mustard.” This year saw 600 hotdogs being given away at the event. Loaves and Fishes donated drinks, chips and snack items which were very much appreciated by all who attended the Father’s Day In The Park event under a very sunny sky. Columbia fuels provided a BBQ and propane. Thanks to the Fire and Rescue department for bringing down a truck and educating young and old. Thanks to the local RCMP for being there for us all, and for letting the sirens rip for the kids. A big thank you to Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre for cooking all 600 of those delicious veggie and beef dogs, thanks guys.

Last, but by no means least, TMC would like to express it’s appreciation for their volunteers – and to all who volunteered their time on a beautiful Fathers Day. You made the event a success, and without you, it would not have been possible.


At the Father’s Day in the Park Event on Sunday June 21, 2015, we had  two winners for our Excellence in Fathering Award this year. The first winner (Entry#1) was awarded tickets to the Port Theatre and the second winner (Entry #2) won fishing equipment as well as a $25 gift certificate to Cabelas.

Here were the winning entries:

Entry #1

My Dad- Alfred Phillip Frenchie deserves The Excellence in Fathering Award because he overcame many obstacles and traumas but always maintained family, from searching and finding his Mom and bringing her home to live in his house, to maintaining a relationship with his siblings who grew up in the United States and around Vancouver Island because all of them ere separated as children to raising his nine children, and to develop a healthy, kind , loving and generous relationship with his Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. My Dad’s is a strong up-standing citizen whose accomplishments include Awards for beautiful landscaping abilities and gardening skills, My Dad has passed on great work ethics since he worked all of his life and started at the age of 14. He worked harder on his holidays from his full time job at the mill so he could take us all to the Puyallup Fair in Portland Oregon every year. His wife of 50 years (the year she passed) stood by him and together they instilled a family bond that inspires the younger generations today! My Dad has a beautiful singing voice and he could be heard singing Hank Williams when he is working inside or outside. My Dad’s assets are: a great sense of humor, life at its fullest, and what he has taught me- how to live life- to be kind, loving, and patient. My Dad deserves Excellence in Fathering Award!

Shirley Frenchie (Nanaimo)



Shirley Frenchie receives The Excellence In Fathering Award from The Men’s Centre for her story about her 82 year old dad Alfred Phillip Frenchie.


Entry #2

“I have to tell you something, please don’t be mad.” Me, at five years old when I spilled grape juice all over the carpet. Instead of yelling he shows me the trick to cleaning up a thought to be impossible stain. “Can I sit in the stroller too?” I say at seven years old while he proceeds to push my sister and I up a deadly hill, drenched in sweat. Just because I wanted an ice cream sandwich. “Let’s watch Harriet the Spy again,” I whine at ten years old. He presses play, although we watched it fourteen times that week. “Please be nice when you meet my boyfriend.” I demand at sixteen, as he puts on a friendly smile. “Help me with this hangover!” I cry out at nineteen after my first night at a club. He got the gatorade and checked up on me every minute, despite me being old enough to take care of myself. To a Dad; who has taught me to problem solve, who has taught me about sacrifice, who has taught me that bonding time is valued time, who has taught me about patience, who has taught me to be accepting and who has shown me he will be by my side no matter what. I’m sorry for every girl in this world who isn’t your daughter, and I’ll never take having you as a Dad for granted.

Written by:

The World’s Best Dad’s Daughter
(Surrey, BC)


Here is a video about the event