At the Men’s Centre we have built up a body of knowledge while supporting Men experiencing transitions around divorce, custody, employment and housing.

Our front desk volunteers in coordination with staff can assist you with locating appropriate resources and develop strategies to manage these transitions based on what has worked for others.

The most common organizations we help people navigate are:

  • Family Maintenance and Enforcement Program (FMEP)
  • Family Court
  • Workers Compensation
  • Child Custody
  • Education
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)
  • Police

If you are not getting the outcomes in your life that you want give us a call at (250) 716-1551, chat with us on Facebook or book online.

While we don’t directly change your situation we coach you on ways to have more effective interactions with those organizations and help clear any trauma created in past interactions with those organizations. As a men’s focussed organization we are aware of specific struggles and injustices you may be facing when dealing with some organizations.