Men’s Groups

Men’s Groups

Mens groups are transformative community for growth-oriented men. We inspire men to grow, improve their relationships, and take accountability for their lives. You will experience friendship, trust, connection, support and fun in our mens groups.

We follow in the footsteps of other popular Men’s groups such as Arka Brotherhood, Mankind Project and Sterling Groups.

Our mens groups do not require an initiation weekend, and we make them more approachable by being a bit more flexible with men’s situations when joining the group.

Men and Women GBLTQ have different societal expecations, experiences and ways of processing. Men’s groups generally focus on the masculine processing styles and male related social challenges, issues and aspirations.

Compared to therapy and weekend workshops, we know that Men’s groups cost less and are often a more effective way to level up, build connections and community.

Research shows that changing behavious and beleifs requires continous positive reinforcement and outside support. Most organizations recommend a commitment of 3+ months for the results to solidfy and to build meaningful connections within the circle.

Right now we run groups on Tuesday’s on Zoom, and Thursday in person. We also refer out to an Arka Brother hood that runs on Wednesdays.

To find out more call or email us.