Links to Men’s Sites


BC Men’s Resource Centre

Men’s Affordable Resources Society of BC

Canadian Men’s Groups Directory

BC Men’s Groups Directory

Victoria Men’s Centre

The Men’s Trauma Centre (Victoria)

Men’s Resource Center for Change

The Mankind Project

Canadian Association for Equality

Ottawa Men’s Centre

Saskatoon Men’s Centre

Winnipeg Men’s Centre

Family of Men Support Society

The Men’s Project

Cowichan Neighbourhood House



The Good Men Project

The Men’s E-News

The Men’s Project – Cornwall ON

Menstuff: The National Men’s Resource

The Men’s Bibliography

MenWeb: Men’s Voices Magazine

Everyman: A Website for Men

Paul Elam’s YouTube Channel

Warren Farrell’s Website (author who writes on men’s issues)

A Voice for Men Radio Show

#Me Too Statement from Equality Canada


Dads and Daughters Explained

Daddy Doin Work

Fathers Resources International

BC Fathers

The Boy’s Initiative

Leading Women for Shared Parenting

Fathers For Justice Canada

Parents Coalition of BC  

A child care resource and referral program; a good resource for parents looking for child care!

 Great Dad

Fathers Are Capable Too

BC Council for Families

Equal Parenting BC

Dad Central

Dads and Daughters

National Center for Fathering

Father Involvement Research Alliance

National Fatherhood Initiative

The Vanier Institute of the Family

Fatherville: Where Real Fathers Write About Real Fatherhood

Canadian Equal Parenting Council

National Brotherhood of Fathers’ Rights

Getting Out of the Single Parent Trap

Dad’s Rights

Fathers Are Capable Too


Parent and Child Advocacy Coalition

American Coalition for Fathers and Children

Shared Parenting Works

Judge Harry Brownstone TV Show


Parental Alienation Canada

Parents who successfully fought Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Awareness Organization

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse

Canadian Symposium on Parental Alienation Syndrome

International Institute for Parental Alienation Studies

Hostile Agressive Parenting – Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Awareness Day

Letting Go when Alienated Parents Give up

How to Deal with Estrangement

Recovery from Ostracism and Rejection

Parents of Estranged Adult Children Everywhere


Gay Fathers of Toronto

XY: men, masculinities, and gender politics

PFLAG Canada : information on sexual orientation and gender identity

Family Acceptance

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation 

Don’t Change Much – From the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

Men’s Health Research Program

Lets Talk Men’s Health

Men’s Depression: Help Yourself

Heads Up Guys : A Resource about Men and Depression

Prostate Cancer Canada

Men’s Health Network

 Internet Mental Health

Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation

Canada’s knowledge centre on male sexual trauma and recover


Kathleen Landry and Assoc.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

Lifering Secular Recovery

SMART Recovery

HAMS: Harm Reduction for Alcohol



Men’s Line Australia

Men and Family Centre (Australia)

Men’s Advisory Network (Australia)

Men’s Information and Support Centre

Men’s Health Australia

Men’s Rights Australia

United Kingdom

Men’s Centre Hertfordshire

UK Centre for Men’s Rights

Reading University Men’s Centre

London Men’s Meetup Group

Mankind UK Initiative

United States

California Men’s Centers

Twin Cities Men’s Center

Men’s Center of Los Angeles

Northern California Men’s Center

Portland Men’s Resource Center

Men’s Resource Center of Western Michigan

Men’s Resource Center of Philadelphia

Men’s Resource Center of Maine – Facebook Page

National Coalition for Men

List of National Organizations (US)

Vancouver Island Crisis Society Community Resource Directory .