The Healthy Families Initiative is part of The Men’s Centre’s fundraising efforts designed to support families in the province. Over the past 17 years, the Centre has helped thousands of families across the province. The overwhelming majority of men in Canada and British Columbia tend to be hardworking, giving and self-sacrificing, often they don’t ask for help from others (if at all) until it is quite late.

The Centre has grown into an organization that is uniquely positioned to offer supports in areas where there are gaps in the social structure of our fascinating and rapidly evolving society. The directors, staff and volunteers understand where the structural barriers are in society and are working to dissolve them and provide equality of opportunity for men to take advantage of what is offered and capitalize on the strength that is available to them.

With the financial support of government, business leaders, and individuals the Centre is privileged to be able to help bridge the gaps and make our communities stronger and better places to live and grow. For that privilege, we thank you and are pleased to be able to serve.

All one time donations of $200 or more receive recognition on our website and promotional materials.

We are very proud of our Sponsors

Please join them in supporting the Healthy Families Initiative.