Employment Situations

Employment Situations

Employment situations come in three main flavours:

  1. Work that is pleasant, fulfilling and provides an level of wealth acceptable to you.
  2. Having work that doesn’t
    • Pay the bills
    • Provide enough money to meet your needs and desires
    • Support feeling connected to your team.
    • Support feeling respected
  3. Not having any work

For people not in the preferred situation, #1 above service we offer than can move in in that direction are:

  • Peer groups to offer encouragement, connections and perspective to help you advance your work situation.
  • Counselling to uncover any interal barriers.
  • Coaching to help you be more effective in work situations.
  • Relationships and suggestions about upgrading your skills and credentials.
  • We provide free work clothes for an interview or work, through our Boots to Suits program.

It is best to take action on employment issues earlier in life when possible, as it make for a better life and better retirement overall.

So take action on this one now!