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Dealing with the Dragon Online Zoom Course 

Dealing with the Dragon is an online course designed to approach wellness from a holistic perspective. It is a course delivered for men by men. The intention of this course is to help the participants to develop skills that create healthy interpersonal relationships. These skills will focus on emotional literacy and especially how anger fits into a healthy emotional landscape. Part of this course uses the skills developed by Marshal Rosenberg in his work on Compassionate Communication, formally Non Violent Communication. Other skills come from materials designed to develop personal integrity, understand lateral violence, personal power and power in relationships, demonstrate how patterns of behavior from the past influence present behavior, explain brain structure as it relates to emotions, differentiation and validation, projection and ownership of projections, oppression, ..isms and gender friction.

The Next Session is going to be delivered over two weekends:
Saturday January 23rd, Sunday January 24th, 2020 (1-5 PM Both Days)
also Saturday January 30th, Sunday January 31st (Also from 1-5 PM Both Days).

Participant numbers are limited to 15, so Register Early.

Certificate of completion is awarded to those who complete the program. A $15 fee is charged for replacement certificates. 

The total cost of the course is $200 (some subsidies are available). The course must be paid for in advance.  Due to demand and limited seating, the course cost is non refundable. If you cannot attend, call for the next available session.

For more information or to register call 250-716-1551  or email:registrar@themenscentre.ca

You can pay online via Paypal Account, Credit Card or Visa Debit Card