Links to FMEP and Child Support Calculator

CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATOR – This helpful child support calculator lets you see how the guidelines could be applied by a judge when setting the amount of child support under an order made anywhere in Canada. The formula in this calculator is based upon the paying parent’s gross income and the number of children eligible for child support. CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES

FEDERAL CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES – This is a step-by-step document that contains general information and is provided for convenience and guidance in applying the Federal Child Support Guidelines. FEDERAL CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES

SPOUSAL SUPPORT CALCULATOR – The Federal Child Support Guidelines are the rules for calculating the amount one parent must pay to the other parent to help support their child or children. The guidelines are used by judges to determine the amount of child support due. SPOUSAL SUPPORT GUIDELINES

BRITISH COLUMBIA FAMILY MAINTENANCE ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM (FMEP) – This third party organization monitors and enforces maintenance orders and agreements for either child support or spousal support. FAMILY MAINTENANCE ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM