Parental abduction

Frustration, entitlement, revenge, fear, anger - a few of the powerful emotions that are coursing through the body of a parent who feels cheated out of parenthood. So what do they do? Take the child. "A broadcast was put out to police forces across the province to be on the [...]

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Progressive and anti-male for the masses

As any one involved in an under reported issue knows, being on 'high alert' can be a tiring position to maintain, not necessarily for you but for those around you. You notice things that others don't - and you make sure they see it too. Once a subject has been exposed it [...]

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Notes on masculinity and aggression

Man made the trains to carry heavy loads. Man made electric light to take us out of the dark. - James Brown Masculinity is a multifaceted and often confusing topic. If men do it does it make it masculine? It's like a Cheshire cat. It's tricky because it covers such a [...]

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The state of mental health

When times get tough, the tough turn to sedation and escape. The headlines summarize the state of health in the  developed nations. Recessionary woes lead to adverse alcohol outcomes for men and middle-aged Americans. Antidepressant use soars in developed nations. I could copy and paste similar captions ad nauseam. None of the [...]

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The obsolescent male and intimidation

"It is not male society but mother nature who lays the heaviest burden on women." Camille Paglia A number of market indicators are suggesting that women are more suited to post industrial capitalist society than men are. Women are more successful in education, physical health, mental health, family, political influence, [...]

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Perverted theater of family court

Late in the summer of 2013 a court decision came out that slammed the use of the term Parental Alienation Syndrome. The preferred euphemism was complicated family dynamics. A syndrome has clinically recognizable features, and because parental alienation syndrome is not listed in the American Psychological Association's  Manual of Mental Disorders, (the DSM-5) it [...]

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Male circumcision

It's likely to be a cold day in hell if the wind coming out of the Nordic countries puts a chill on the almost thoughtless practice of snipping the tip off a baby boy's penis. The reason for the 'religious' metaphor is because circumcision is an ancient religious practice for [...]

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Insults, assaults and violence

I scanned the Googleverse for the word assault. Of the top ten news stories with the word assault in it, nine of them involved men as the perpetrators, be it sexual against women, or with lethal force against other men, and the remaining item in the top ten list was [...]

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Is it really Family Violence?

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned - William Congreve, 1695. The hostilities that erupt during divorce are some of the most primal pathogens of hatred, anger, and conniving that can occur. Of course it can turn violent...because humans are [...]

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