Counselling/Resource and Referral

We provide one on one counselling, crisis support, peer to peer support services, and referrals for men and their families throughout the province. We provide emotional support and counselling to clients who are struggling with the challenges of the judicial and family court systems, we are able to provide proper referrals when necessary. This program provides fathering support and referral, help with understanding the Family Maintenance and Enforcement Program (FMEP), as well as assist with understanding the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). We provide support for men who are dealing with anxiety and depression, and dealing with a traumatic past. Appointments are in person, via phone or Skype.

You can call anytime for an appointment 250 716 1551 or toll free 1 888 716 1551 if we are not open – leave a message and phone number and we’ll return your call and set up an appointment at the next available date. Counselling times are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 to 12 and from 1 to 4pm

To book an appointment online, just  follow the prompts and you will be placed in our online booking system.

  1. Select what type of counselling you would like (In Person, Phone, Skype)
  2. Select a Counsellor
  3. Select a date for your appointment
  4. Enter In your information (you can login with Facebook, A Google Account, or put in your information)
  5. Click “Book my appointment”

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