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Join the Moores Suit Drive!

  Every year Moores, one of our sponsors, holds a suit drive across Canada to benefit Men (or Women) wanting to enter or re-enter the workforce. Some of those donations come to us at The Men's Centre to help supply our Boots to Suits Program. From July 1 - 31st [...]

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Thank you to everyone who supported our Garage Sale!

A big THANK YOU to the Community of Nanaimo for helping make The Men's Centre Garage Sale (June 23 & 24) a Huge Success! From our Men's Centre FacebookPage 86 people shared the Garage Sale Post, 8,101 People were Reached who viewed the post, with 297 Reactions, Comments and/or Share! [...]

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The questions around Fentanyl

The opium poppy was known to the Sumerians as the plant of joy. Based on fossilized evidence from Neanderthal times it has been controversially suggested in archeological circles that it was used by our forbearers 30,000 years ago. The opiate makes its way into Homers Odyssey when Helen used it [...]

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Father’s Day

Father's Day sprang from Mother's Day as a natural follow through. Both Mother's Day and Father's Day are essentially 20th century commercial creations. Mother's day has thin roots dating back to 16th century Catholicism - Mary, and the 'Mother church' kind of thing. Fathers day was not bestowed with official recognition until [...]

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Heretical Discourse – Female Perpetrated Violence

There is a heresy spreading which threatens the entrenched doctrine of male perpetrated domestic violence. A myth evolved that domestic violence was the twisted result of patriarchal society. It was asserted that domestic violence was a tool to achieve and maintain control in a relationship. It became dogma, a virulent doctrine [...]

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In war, truth is the first casualty

- And Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? Divorce can bring out the nastiness in people. An understatement to be sure. It can be a mess. Greed, narcissism, and self-interest rise to the surface, causing irrational and excessive behaviour and placing emotional safety at risk. Squabbling, bickering, fighting, yelling, children, [...]

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Intimate Partner Violence

It has been reported in the American Journal of Public Health that "Almost 24% of all relationships had some violence, and half (49.7%) of those were reciprocally violent. In nonreciprocal violent relationships, women were the perpetrators in more than 70% of the cases. Reciprocity was associated with more frequent violence among [...]

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Male Suicide

It reads like a sick sporting event, except that it's a sad commentary on a society unwilling, afraid, or too callous to confront the standings. Canada's current ranking is 39th out of 106 other countries. Our American brothers and sisters are ahead of us on the ranking table by 6 [...]

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“Men on Strike” – Why Men are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood and the American Dream (Video Interview)

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