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Depression and self medication

Give[...] wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. Proverbs Depression is more than a hollow place. It is empty, dark, unhealthy and dangerous. An illness now - a century ago it was a personality trait. In England, 62% of people seeking help for anxiety and depression are women. The data was [...]

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How we go in Canada…

Statistics Canada has a list of 51 leading causes of death, including 'other' as the 51st category. There are many exit doors, but for now, only one way to enter...and of course for now, we all have to exit at some point or other. The chances of going from cancer, [...]

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Domestic Violence – One Taboo at a Time

There is an urban legend that domestic violence is a men’s issue rather than a social issue. Men seldom report abuse to anyone let alone a legal authority. Why is evidenced based research not the basis of social policy departments rather than the erroneous status quo system of reported incidents [...]

June 13th, 2014|Uncategorized|4 Comments

Teacher student sex

From January 1 to March 18, 2014 two news specific Google alerts were set for the words male and female. Out of the thousands of news stories, there were 16 stories involving teacher student sex cases. Two stories involved male teachers acting inappropriately with students. One male teacher had received 50 [...]

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Statins and the Prostate

The most commonly diagnosed cancer among men is of the prostate. The fact that more men die from prostate cancer than women do of breast cancer has done nothing to little in altering the awareness of the preventability of the disease. Although the Movember organization is marshalling up the fire-power [...]

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Semantics and Equal Parenting

The Best is the enemy of The Good - Voltaire The family court system is founded on the adversarial criminal court model. How bizarre is that? No surprise that this system frequently penalizes parents who only yesterday were considered to be good parents. Why is this even in the courts?  Shouldn't a system of collaborative mediation and [...]

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Equal parenting

Ideas rest on enthusiasm...in reality they rest on perseverance - Goethe It's an understatement to say that there are many points of view in divorce, certainly it's a volatile issue. As a result the starting point needs to shift to a position of presumed equal parenting. The custody/access model  is [...]

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Parental Alienation Day April 25th

What is Parental Alienation? It is a behaviour, also known as Hostile Aggressive Parenting, (HAP). It's usually done by separated parents and is directed at children with the intent to align the child with the alienating parent, and (usually) against the non-custodial parent. But it also goes both ways, with both the [...]

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Father daughter relationships

Hate and mistrust are the children of blindness - William Watson Father daughter relationships have important outcomes for daughters. Yet it tends to be the least studied. One can only speculate on the reasons why there is so little interest. Could research reveal that 'unwanted' fathers are important, and thus [...]

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