About Us


About Us

The Men’s Centre is a not-for-profit society that focuses on coaching and supporting men and their community who aspire to be:

  1. Healthy, happy and connected with friends and family
  2. Self-aware
  3. Successful in their careers and life goals
  4. Able to access and embody their masculine essence in a balanced way
  5. Becoming stronger and more confident, focused, balanced and grounded
  6. Living at their edge, overcome limiting patterns from the past
  7. At peace both inwardly and outwardly.

We don’t see “New Age Man” as the model to aspire to either – overly emotional, lacking drive, giving up on his purpose for others, or overly politically correct.

We recognize that we don’t control societal norms, culture, or the beliefs of other people so we focus on developing skills to navigate our lives, relationships and the system. 

We inherit histories and cultures which have historically divided men and women and those on the gender fluid spectrum. Some ways that these divides have affected men are:

  • Men/society viewing men as providers, disposable, or undervaluing fatherhood.
  • Men/society view men as a group that is tough and self-reliant, as opposed to women who are viewed as a vulnerable group that should be supported and protected.

Our hope is that going forwards we can move towards a more inclusive and accepting future where everybody’s needs are met and they can pursue creating purpose and meaning in their lives. We welcome all walks of life, and recognize that as a mens led organization, we focus on using tools from a healthy mature masculine point of view evolving based on the history of, and what is working well for our community and mens work movement. 

We work cooperatively with other organizations that have differing approaches to shared goals of healthy, safe, connected community and family.

The Men's Centre,

Your contributions to The Men’s Centre ensure that we can continue our mission of providing effective and affordable life coaching to men from all walks of life. Your donations will help us provide counseling services, clothing programs, court assistance, and much more. Your support means the world to us — so please consider donating today!  No gift is  too small — every bit makes a difference!

The Men's Centre,
Why Choose Us

Values and Beliefs

We value:

  • Non-violence: tolerance, respect, dignity and acceptance.
  • Openness and authenticity.
  • All men regardless of sexual orientation, background, origin, race, gender identity. 
  • Creating remarkable outcomes through collaboration and community.
We believe:
1. In constructive dialogue about the standards by which society measures men.
2. Healthy and resilient men contribute positively to the lives of their partners, children and community.
3. In creating an equitable community.
The Men’s Centre is helping men through dialogue, counseling, coaching, education, support and advocacy. We are supporting men to create lives of purpose, meaning, health and community. 
The Nanaimo Men’s Centre supports men to meet and overcome personal, emotional, social and mental health challenges. We help men thrive by overcoming challenges in intimate partner violence, parental alienation, substance abuse, separation and divorce, and many other things.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
We embrace and value diversity, encourage tolerance and stand up against violence, racism, misandry, misogyny, and prejudice where it appears. We are committed to respecting and valuing diverse life experiences and traditions and ensuring that all voices are valued and heard. 
Land Acknowledgement
We acknowledge with respect and gratitude that we operate on the traditional and unceded territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation.
Great Staff

Our Carers

We Don’t Turn People Away

At the Men’s center our philosophy is that we don’t turn people away unless there is a high probability of unmanageable violence or abuse. We are willing to lean into the possibility of violence and validate people’s experiences with violence when this will support them in their growth.

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