The Men’s Centre wants to acknowledge the incredible, amazing, and compassionate support of the community of Nanaimo. We have truly been overwhelmed by the generous support of the community. Since we went public on May 9, 2018 with the real possibility of us closing our doors this summer, many organizations and individuals have stepped up with donations and offers of skilled help to support us. We are much more hopeful for our long term future and we can certainly say that we will not be closing our doors this summer, but we are not out of the woods yet.

We currently have verbal commitments which would allow us to reach and surpass our $40,000 fundraising goal of survival money to bring us to the end of 2018, but we need confirmations before we can release that information. To be able to reach that goal in just over a month is truly heartwarming for all of us at the centre. Please check our website or Facebook page for updates coming soon.

In order for the centre to thrive and not just survive, we will be continuing our petition drive and fundraising efforts. Please continue to share and contribute.

 To name all the organizations and individuals that have stepped up would an exhaustive list and probably unfair to the many who have made smaller contributions and who I might miss, but we will be acknowledging everyone on our website in due time –

Yet I do want to acknowledge the 100 Men Who Care Nanaimo for a very sizable cash donation. More details to follow in the coming days.

To highlight some of what has happened since May 9 –

  • We have launched an online petition and fundraising campaign which will be ongoing
  • We have formed a new Advisory Board of passionate, dedicated and skilled supporters who are fundraising and organizing future fundraising and awareness raising events for us
  • We had a garage sale which raised $1,500 and we still have some big ticket items left over to sell online

Everyone at The Men’s Centre is very Grateful for this magnanimous show of support.


Stay tuned for more positive news soon!


Theo J. Boere
Executive Director
The Men’s Centre
418D Fitzwilliam St.
Nanaimo, BC
V9R 3A7

Phone:  (250)716-1551