The course is called, Dealing With The Dragon.

It’s an anger management course for men. It’s an eight week course. Held Tuesday nights from 7pm to 9:30pm. It’s held at The Nanaimo Men’s Resource Centre at, 418D Fitzwilliam Street, Nanaimo. Enter off the parking lot around back. The Facilitator is Jonathon van der Goes. The cost is $160. Initial registration fee is $20, then $20 per session, (last two sessions are then pre-paid – some subsidies are available).

For more information see below and or call: 250 716 1551

“You will often hear me say in this course that I do not want anyone to not be angry. What I would like to see is people using their anger in a healthy way, that grows themselves, that grows their relationships, that grows the world at large. I would also like to see people using other emotions where appropriate.” – Jonathon van der Goes.

Ways of preventing anger:

Number 1: Live healthily. Get enough sleep, food, relaxation, fun, connection, exercise and recreation to keep the body and spirit happy. Too much or too little of any of these will set us up to be angry.

Number 2: Be aware of your feelings and needs. You have both feeling lists and need lists in your handouts, and going over them from time to time can remind you of what will help in your life.

Number 3: Practice good relationship skills. Practice these skills when you do not need to use them. Make a habit of asking permission to be angry. Check in on others feelings and needs as well as your own. Practice verbalizing both your own feelings and needs and those of others. Write down what is going on for you. Make clear present requests, for things that people can do to improve your world. Practice self forgiveness.

Number 4: Be aware of the role of pain in your life. People are often angry because they are not listening to their own pain. Physical pain and emotional pain can both play a part. Pain can sometimes be reduced, sometimes be coped with using healthy strategies, sometimes it simply needs to be endured. Whatever the source of your pain, it is possible to come to a healthier relationship with it.

Number 5: Have a spiritual connection of your own choosing. Gabor Maté, author of the Seven A’s of Healing, states that “ the problem is always in the world of psychology, the answer always in the world of spirituality.” Whether the spiritual connection is one that says that there is simply some sort of energy or order in this world, or if you have a specific source of spiritual power, nurturing that connection is generally seen as a healthy thing to do.


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