workbootsuit Boots to Suits Clothing Program



The Nanaimo Men’s Resource Centre has an assortment of work boots and suits available to clients during regular opening hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-12 and from 1-3.

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The Men’s Centre has reviewed and revised the Boots to Suits program with the purpose of Boots to Suits being to support men in securing work or attending important meetings appropriately dressed. We have a nice selection of suits, shirts, ties, work boots and construction clothing.

 Access to the Boots to Suits clothing program is through a Men’s Centre counsellor or by referral from a work agency such as GT Hiring or Rhino etc., men will need a business card or letter from their prospective employer or agency stating they need a specific item.

 The Men’s Centre is currently accepting donations of clean steel toe work boots, work clothing and rain wear.

If you need more information please contact Glen  or Carmen or phone 250-716-1551