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What We Do: We offer support and referrals to men in the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of their lives. We strive to promote connections with partners and families. We want to promote community awareness regarding men and men’s issues. We’ll help men and women with family court divorce separation, custody, and access issues. We help support men and women in learning to communicate and enrich existing relationships.

Our Vision: The Men’s Centre is a welcoming and inclusive community in a social landscape where men are honoured as they face the challenges of a shifting culture. We are devoted to developing tools that can be used by all family members to educate for compassion, mutual respect, and  the celebration of our common humanity.

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The help I’ve received from the Men’s Centre has given me renewed strength. It has allowed me to know why I was feeling the way I was and to change my outlook for the better. Thanks.
David, Vancouver
Since coming to the Centre my bad days today are now better than the good days of yesterday.
Alex, Nanaimo
My experience with the Men’s Centre has been very positive. Having a resource like the Men’s Centre can help to prevent people from getting to that point and avoiding intervention. It provides help which I have found is unavailable elsewhere.
James, Parksville
They gave me guidance when I didn’t know what to do. They helped me fill out legal forms and pointed me in the right direction.
Adam, Parksville
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